Friday, September 12, 2014

Of Short Vacation and Personal Style

A weekend spent with family in one of the most relaxing places in the world - the beach resort - is indeed a gratifying experience. We seldom give ourselves plain R&R.  Last weekend's brief, yet blissful and fun, getaway was planned several weeks ago and the days had finally come.

This is our second time to enjoy an overnight stay at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Marigondon Mactan Island.

By the way, last September 26, 2014, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa's Facebook page has featured the picture above as their Guest Photo of the Week, see HERE.  Thank you Plantation Bay for the feature!

I prefer this resort than anywhere else from the long list of beach resorts here in Cebu, since I will always feel safe swimming at their man-made lagoon with salt water on it plus exploring the landscaping of the resort is extremely worth enjoying.

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is set in 11 hectares of secluded grounds yet only one hour (when traffic is bad) from Cebu City, Plantation Bay offers one of the largest privately-owned waterways in the world, with the clean elegance of colonial-plantation architecture.

Even on a crisp "summery" vacation in September, remember always to inject personal style.  Be fashionable even when on a beach resort.

I packed my light and breezy outfits and those favorite footwear which are also perfect for this beach outing.

My personal style always involves COLOR COORDINATION.

See my peach girly motif above - from the top, to the skater skirt and sunnies.  I declared just lately that I am into peach / coral / salmon shades.

The matchy separates outfit reminded me of my salad days (when my sister and I looked like twins as our mom would buy us matchy top and bottoms in floral prints).  What I like in this outfit is it is in black and white.  This bejeweled thongs is my current favorite as it is unexpectedly comfortable and definitely chic.  This is my first time to finally stepped on it again since I was in my ''teen'' years.  As I am into color coherence,  the sunnies' color must match the b/w look.

This flouncy mullet collared dress in hot magenta tropical print screams summer!  I am still into the mullet trend despite having died out in the runways.  

This look is somewhat minimalist, since I am only wearing one apparel, plus the thin long necklace (not chunky ones), square lens sunglasses and trying on the platforms trend, which sells like hotcakes in Hong Kong.

If you happen to plan a weekend getaway here in Cebu, I highly recommend Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, it's indeed a resort in a class of its own!

Special thanks to C2 for making this short vacation more possible.

Live in style, everyday!


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    1. Hi PLantation Bay,
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