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Sigh Styles Turns Two! + Sigh Styles Concept for Sunstar - 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Time glided fast, and now Sigh Styles is already TWO!
My latest contribution to Sunstar newspaper came out perfectly in time for my 2nd year celebration.

If you can remember my very first contribution to Sunstar, which came out on April 2013, it was about 2013's Color of Year < EMERALD >.

On January of this year, I volunteered to Ms. Kara Mae Noveda to do a feature on 2014's Color of the Year < RADIANT ORCHID >.  The shoot did came out late as I was searching for the impeccable collaborators.

On June 2, 2014, the 'radiant orchid' photo shoot I collaborated with Divine Orlina Tayrus and Christine Cueto was featured in Shopping Bag section of Sunstar newspaper entitled HEY JUNE!

The next 5 photos made it on print.

It is a captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones. 
The color emanates great love, joy and health.  Such a wonderful color isnt' it?
I have no second thoughts in inviting Divine to do the make-up and model for the Radiant Orchid feature.  I knew she is the most befitting muse for this shoot.  On Sigh Styles first year feature in this blog, Divine was the model and make-up artist too, see HERE.

When I conceptualized for this photo shoot, what was in my head is the idea of wearing Radiant Orchid all year-round.  So my preparation revolved on outfits for the four seasons of the year.

the outfit:
 purple longsleeve knit dress studded with faux diamonds + white boots & white beanie embellished with holographic sequins (not seen in pic)

the outfit:
floral print in purple mullet dress with trail + purple floral headpiece

the outfit:
lavender romper + lavender sneakers
 summer outfit accessorized with white crochet scarf worn as bandana + purple/pink chiffon drop tier earrings

- FALL -
the outfit:
purple tier halter satin dress embellished with sequins + purple pants + black cape with faux rossettes on sleeves
+ purple earrings and necklace set by SUGAR KISSED

Would you agree that the photos are all picture-perfect? These pretty photos are captured by Christine Cueto, such a talented young artist.

Photography by CHRISTINE CUETO
Model and Make-Up Artist DIVINE ORLINA TAYRUS
Fashion Styling by Yours Truly
Clothes by CYECLE

Do keep coming back for more of my styling stints.
Live in style everyday.


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