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SighStyles for Sunstar Concept: Graduation Dresses and Graduation Look

Here's another feature in Sunstar newspaper on March 14, 2014.

I was contributing again for the local newspaper and this time, since it is March, I was tasked to prepare a photo shoot for GRADUATION DAY.  What would be the most appropriate dresses and make-up to wear on this momentous day of the graduates' life (not to mention the proud parents and loved ones)?

I am always excited to work on anything about fashion styling.  My brain tends to exhaust what is left after a day's hard work from my day job for the sake of the art and maybe, science, of styling.  So it is during my free time where I have the time to insert my fashion styling imaginations.  

The following four photos made it on print.

When I was told to prepare "appropriate" dresses for graduation day, the first thing I thought of is the LBD - little black dress.  I know black is mostly worn for night parties, but since it's for graduation ceremonies that you will be attending, black is one of the safest color to wear.  Of course other neutrals will do, such as white, beige, gray.  A little black dress can do wonders especially if worn with the right accessories.  To add elegance to the dim outfit, faux diamond rings or earrings or necklaces, or in this outfit: faux silver diamond bracelet and a belt embellished with faux diamonds as well.  Do you see faux diamonds on the black suede pumps? The shoe always completes the look, so always remember to strut on the best pair of heels!

The next suitable color for female graduates is from the tints and shades of pink.  Pink always brings out that fresh, vibrant, young and feminine spirit.  This is not the usual pink dress as it is accented with the color white on the shoulders and with faux rhinestones on the chest line.  The dress is in full pleats and a cute pretty belt simply cinched it to look more fitted to the slim figure.  Since part of my fashion advocacy is Color Coherence, I always find it to match one of the colors from the dress to the shoes or accessories to be worn.  Color coordination always connote to a well-done, well-thought-of outfit, in my opinion.

 Another dress that I featured, is the typical vintage dress that one can find from local thrift stores.  I find this dress suited for graduation rites as it is with sleeves and of course, the length is most important as well.  Bear in mind that this event is a formal gathering so appropriate dress code must be observed.  In 4 words, the event would cry out: LESS SKIN, IS MORE.  Meaning, showing too much skin during this event is unnecessary.  Dress lengths of about 2 inches above or below the knee or even up to calf-length are acceptable.  
This dress, despite being vintage, appeals retro chic and can still be suited for the graduating as the cut is tierred and makes the look fun to wear.
If the school would then permit wearing sleeveless, so one can still show a little skin, as during the ceremony, all the graduates would be wearing their "toga".  The shift dress is the go-to dress for the ceremony.  The cut is very comfortable.  Go for whimsy prints to add vibrancy to the outfit.

These are the rest of the photos of the photo shoot.
Aside from the dresses, the hair and make-up is equally important during graduation day.
The simplicity and sophistication of an LBD is perfected with a slight updo - a not-so-high ponytail.  This hairstyle brings out the natural beauty of the graduate's face so to reveal that achiever/successful aura. 
This is one suggestion, as a stylist, that one can wear for graduation day.  The event is not only about dresses, but one can also take out from their closets separate pieces of clothing to mix and match for the awaited occasion.  The outfit above is quite an audacious option, but the prints on both the top and the skirt roared for triumph.
 Open-toe sandals are also apt for graduation ceremonies.  What is most essential, when it comes to shoes, is the height of the heels.  The ceremonies would be filled with walking, standing, walking so the most expected sored part of the body are those pretty toes and soles.  Brace yourself for all the "leg" work and prepare the most comfortable pair of shoes or sandals for this significant occasion.
If going to the salon is not one of your itinerary for your graduation day, then comb your hair really well and put your hair down. This uncomplicated hairstyle is definitely not demanding.  Though you may think you would just be carrying that everyday look of yours, but think BIG for this day!  As I said, put your hair down but put that chin up! Bring out that confidence, it's your day anyway and you should be proud of your achievement.
Thrift stores offer treasures, do you agree? I mentioned earlier that this retro chic beige tierred dress was found at local thrift store.  To add zest to any outfit, donning on accessories is the key.  For occasions like this, you need not over-accessorize.  One to two is still acceptable.  In this outfit, a statement necklace is worn. And to complete that retro look you want to pull-off, soft, large waves (curls) locks the vintage display.

The make-up is quite a crucial part of the graduation look.  Consideration of the formality of the event is vital. A day make-up is the most befitting for this daylight activity (usually in the morning, some in the afternoon, but graduations never happen on the evening - or have you attended a graduation ceremony held at night?). A little of everything (foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, etc.) is the safest. Choose the pastel colors from your make-up palette.  Red lipstick can be worn though, but minimal application so not to look overly stained.

The photo shoot is a collaboration of first-time-to-unveil talents.

Meet SARAH MAE, my cousin's daughter and my model for this photo shoot.
  I knew from seeing her, that slim figure, those thin gams and arms and that face, she's picture-perfect.  It was easy directing her poses since she knows what she is going to do despite being a novice to the fashion modelling world.  She modeled like a pro.

I was still the lone fashion stylist, as usual, and at the same time gave myself another chance to be the hair stylist and make-up artist.

My sister, who always have that talent to capture good portrait angles, so I handed her my camera and she did that " 1-2-3- smile".  

The feature did come out superb as it was a group effort of the family. 

Dresses are all available at CHIC VINTAGE.

'Til my next fashion styling stint.  Have a happy weekend!

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