Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sigh Styles Concept: Into the Wilderness

I've always wanted to do something: not-the-usual concept, where I can freely express my creative ideas through fashion, and photography.

It was just in time for a friend's birthday and why not give her a one-of-a-kind natal day gift: a fashion make-over!
Without hesitation, she said yes, though we both planned to do a shoot a few months before, and without a concept in mind yet at that time, but the concept landed perfectly in my consciousness days before her birthday, so this is sort of a surprise gift.  And I took the chance to consume whatever creative thoughts that were running in my head by realizing the long-been planned photo shoot.

The concept was about being in the wilderness, where no one else is around. Her, being ''fashionably'' stranded in the woods, filled with all natural creepiness and possible grotesque attacks. 
She seems to be the queen of the jungle, the princess of the Amazon, and the golden lady of the dark

by: Sigh Styles

I am happy with the outputs of this shoot.  
With this photo shoot, my intuition that my friend has much potential to be a model has been indeed confirmed. Plus, I discovered a new talent! Another add-on to Sigh Styles' list of breakout talents.
 My friend / the muse of this concept is one of the fresh faces to grace Sigh Styles blog and fb account and to have been captured also by my new prime lens. 

Hope you like this and if you're interested for a fashion make-over such as this, you can email me at or drop me a message HERE.

Belated Happy Birthday to my MODEL/Friend: JERLY
With great thanks to Dani Alcedera, my trusted make-up artist friend.
Clothes by Chic Vintage

Fashion Styling / Creative Direction and Photography by Yours Truly

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